Save Rancho Guejito

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There was a recent program on Treehugger about the ranch. See to listen to the program. There are also links to much more information, and a great picture.

For more information, see: and this story from the LA Times. Don't miss the flyover video and picture gallery. You can also read a report by the Conservation Biology Institute on the ranch here.

How you can help
You can donate to the effort to save the rancho.
Make checks payable to The Endangered Habitats League,
write "Rancho Guejito" on the memo line, and mail to:
Endangered Habitats League
8424-A Santa Monica Blvd., #592
Los Angeles, CA 90069-4267
You can write to elected officials and ask them to help save the Rancho.
Sample letters: - (Contact Information)

To read a letter sent by many environmental organizations to elected officials, click here
To download the presentation, right-click here and select "Save Target As"